Moycarkey/Two-Mile Borris/Littleton Parish:

Income & Expenditure Account for Year Ending 31/10/2018:

 Income:                                                                                   €

 Envelopes & Basket Collections                                                132381

 Sale of House in TMB                                                              150000

Rental Income                                                                              5900

Donations                                                                                        75



Mandatory Contributions to the Archdiocese of Cashel & Emly:

·         Cashel & Emly Diocesan Fund                                           €44150

·         Diocesan Needs Appeal                                                      10288

·         Mission Sunday                                                                    1503

·         Trócaire                                                                               7146

        Total:                                                                                     €63087 (See Overleaf)


Office Staff & Administration                                                   22738

Parish Sacristans/Maintaining Sacristies                                    13715

Light & Heat                                                                            10484

Insurance                                                                                   8731

Meetings/Retreats/Conferences                                                   3826

New Sacristy Costs – Littleton                                                    3303

General Repair & Maintenance                                                   3293

Solicitors Fees re Sale of House in TMB                                     2950

PAYE/PRSI                                                                                2623

Parish Photocopier & Costs                                                         2189

Church Equipment & Alarms                                                      1543

Sunday Newsletters                                                                    1186

Refuse Collection                                                                         882

Sound System for Graveyard Masses                                          663

Bank Charges                                                                              500

Presentation of Benemerenti Medals to Sacristans                    400

Christmas Tree Lights                                                                 340

Telephone & Internet                                                                   315


Development & Upkeep of Church Properties:

·         Moycarkey Church Repairs                                                             €47099

·         Littleton Church Repairs                                                                  15658

·         Parish Office                                                                                   15530

·         TMB Church Repairs & New Grotto                                                 1800

Total Expenses:                                                                                  €222855


Net Income:                                                                                      €65501


  • The figure for the sale of the Curate’s House in Two-Mile Borris is a once-off income which will be used to fund ongoing renovations to the three churches.



The following is a breakdown of the Mandatory Contributions to the Archdiocese of Cashel and Emly for 2018:


Common Fund:                                                                                 €57114

Diocesan Needs Appeal:                                                                    18036

Education of Priests:                                                                            1 503

Peter’s Pence:                                                                                        1503

Propagation of the Faith:                                                                     1503

Holy Land                                                                                               500

Trócaire                                                                                                 7146

Total:                                                                                                  €87305


Balance Due before 31/12/2018:                                                      €24218

(See Overleaf)                                                            

Plans for 2019:


Refurbishment of Parish Churches:

St. Kevin’s Church: Littleton:

The existing Sacristy will be converted into three toilets and a new Sacristy will be erected behind the Tabernacle. This project has already commenced.

St. Peter’s Church: Moycarkey:

A new heating system was installed over the summer and the lighting (interior) has been upgraded. Downpipes and gutters to be replaced and painted – work to commence soon.

The interior and exterior of the Church will be painted in early spring.

St. James’s Church: Two-Mile-Borris:

Work was recently carried out on the roof of the Church. Three new toilets and a sluice room will be added before Easter.

  • The aforementioned have been approved by the Parish Finance Council.


For Your Information:


Collections for Sacristans are no longer permitted.