Weekday Masses:


Moycarkey Church:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 10.00a.m.;  Wednesday at 9.00a.m.

Littleton Church: Monday to Friday at 9.00am.

Two-Mile-Borris Church: Monday & Wednesday at 10.00am.



Sacrament of Confirmation:


The dates and times are as follows:


Two-Mile-Borris Church: Wednesday, August 19th at 10.30am.


Littleton Church: Wednesday, August 19th at 1.30pm.


Moycarkey Church: Friday, August 21st at 11.00am.


First Holy Communion


Two-Mile-Borris Church: Saturday, October 3rd at 10.30am.


Littleton Church: Saturday, October 3rd at 1.00pm.


Moycarkey Church: Saturday, October 10th at 11.00am.



Parish Churches

Due to the current COVID regulations all organisations are kindly asked not to leave literature in any of the three parish Churches.


Summer Collection for the Clergy: Will be taken up at all Masses this weekend.  Please place envelopes/donations in the white containers at the entrance to the Church.  Sincere thanks to all those who have contributed to recent collections.




Moycarkey Church: This Saturday at 6.30pm: Toppy Corcoran & deceased members of the Corcoran family; Denis Nagle (4th Anniversary), Knockroe; This Sunday at 9.00am: Walter Stapleton, Horse & Jockey; Next Saturday at 6.30pm: Biddy Phillips (née Heffernan) & her father Fred Heffernan, Curraheen, Horse & Jockey


Littleton Church: This Saturday at 7.30pm: Jimmy & Martin Shanahan & deceased members of the Shanahan & Kennedy families; This Sunday at 12.00: Pat & Jimmy Bowe, 4 St. Kevin’s Park, Littleton.


Two-Mile-Borris Church: This Sunday at 10.30am: Tom Hayes, Middlepiece.  Remember his wife Helen and his brother, Fr. Albert Hayes.



“The word of God is to the human heart what a seed is to the earth.  However, just as a seed needs soil, so the word needs a receptive heart.  Lord, soften our hearts with your grace, open them with your gentle love, so that the precious seed of your word may take route in our hearts, and bear fruit in our lives.”