Moycarkey / Littleton / Two-Mile-Borris Newsletter

Second Sunday of Easter                             19th April 2020



Weekday Masses will be streamed live on the Parish Website

Littleton Church:


Weekday Masses: Monday to Friday at 9.00am





The above service will be streamed live from Littleton Church next Wednesday, April 22nd at 7pm. The ceremony will consist of modern hymns and songs interspersed with prayers and reflections. All teenagers are encouraged to tune in. Please inform your friends and pass on the link below to them.



Parish Office: Due to the COVID 19 Virus and in compliance with government regulations the parish office will remain closed until May 5th.  The parish secretary can be contacted at


In response to the current situation, the Moycarkey Borris Community & Sports Centre has organised a  service for those that are house bound and isolated within the parish.  Meals can be delivered on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and social distancing will be observed by the volunteers operating the scheme.  If you know of anyone who wishes to avail of the service or you wish to avail of it yourself, please contact JJ at 086 2622307.




Today we celebrate the Feast of Divine Mercy and so we usually call today Divine Mercy Sunday. St. Faustina was privileged to receive apparitions from Jesus emphasizing his mercy, and especially his mercy today. Jesus promised that those who go to Confession and receive Holy Communion today will receive not only forgiveness of their sins, but the total remission of all temporal punishment for their sins. It is like a second baptism; all sin and punishment is wiped out.

This feast of Divine Mercy reminds us of many parables taught by Jesus emphasizing God’s mercy. We remember the three beautiful parables of Luke 15. God is like a shepherd who leaves 99 sheep to go in search of the one lost one. God is like a woman who searches the entire house to find the coin she lost. God is like a father who comes out of the house to welcome back his prodigal son and who comes out of the house a second time to entice the elder son to come in and join in the party. Today God has thrown a party during which we can receive God’s infinite mercy. Let us to the party and receive God’s mercy.