Moycarkey / Littleton / Two-Mile-Borris Newsletter

Fourth Sunday of Easter                              3rd May 2020



Masses streamed during Covid 19

The following Masses will be streamed live from Littleton Church:

Monday – Friday @ 9am; Saturday @ 7.30pm & Sunday @ 12 noon.

The link is:






This Mass will be streamed live on Wednesday, May 6th at 7pm.  Those who are receiving the aforementioned sacraments are requested to join the celebration.  The Mass has been prepared by the Teachers and Fr. Tom Fogarty.  The link is:



Parish Office: Due to the COVID 19 Virus and in compliance with government regulations the parish office will remain closed until further notice.  The Parish Secretary can be contacted at


In response to the current situation, the Moycarkey Borris Community & Sports Centre has organised a  service for those that are house bound and isolated within the parish.  Meals can be delivered on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and social distancing will be observed by the volunteers operating the scheme.  If you know of anyone who wishes to avail of the service or you wish to avail of it yourself, please contact JJ at 086 2622307.



Cemetery Masses:


I appreciate that for many the annual Cemetery Mass is an important occasion for families, neighbours and the local community. Especially this year if funerals have had to take place in the current restrictions. These Masses usually involve many families and parishioners


In the present circumstances, it would be very difficult to ensure social distancing especially about transport to and from the cemetery, entering and leaving the cemetery and in monitoring possible large gatherings around some family graves.


I request that all Cemetery Masses be postponed until later in the summer, when circumstances, hopefully, will permit them to be truly family and community celebrations.


Funeral Masses:


The current norms regarding a maximum of 10 people attending in Church are still in force and disrespect for this norm could lead to even tighter restrictions.