Lord, sometimes I find it hard to believe that you are a loving Father.  Someone close to me dies or becomes seriously ill.  A senseless tragedy occurs.  Children starve.   The poor and aged are ignored.

People are hated because of their colour, beliefs, birthplace.  When these things happen, I want to know why Lord.  But you never answer.  And I, in darkness of faith and trust in you, can only accept. It’s a lot like the way parents must treat their young children.   They don’t explain fire or pain to their toddler.   They simply keep the child from going close, touching the fire.

From my limited point of view, I cannot hope to understand the enormous mysteries of life.  I can try to approach them with love and compassion.  I can try to lessen, at least a little, the pain and suffering about me.  Lord, help me to do this.  Amen.