Months Mind Mass:

Eddie Buckley, Dawn Cottage, Liskiveen, Littleton – Next Friday 17th March in Our Lady & St. Kevin’s Church, Littleton at 9:00am .


Memorial Mass:

Anthony Gibson – Luton, formerly of Ballybeg, Littleton – Next Sunday, 19th March, in Our Lady & St. Kevin’s Church, Littleton at 12:00.


Anniversary Masses:



This Saturday 11th March at 6.30pm: Pat Bourke, Maxfort.

Thursday 16th March at 6.30pm: Tommy & Connie Gleeson, Drumboe; John & Annie Donnelly, Coolkip.


This Sunday 12th March at 12.00: Mary Martin, Ballybeg; John Fahy, Ballybeg; Kay Grehan (née Gooney).

Thursday 16th March at 7.30pm: Dan Pollard, Church View, Littleton

Next Sunday 19th March at 12.00: Pat Ryan, Ballybeg, Littleton; Harry Ryan, The Corner House, Littleton & his parents Thomas & Mary Ryan & brother Martin Ryan, Castleview, Littleton; Michael Moore, Newhill, Two Mile Borris; Elizabeth & Martin Ely, Newhill, Two-Mile-Borris; Deceased members of the Wright & O’Sullivan families; Kathleen Bracken.


This Sunday 12th March at 10.30am: Pearse Duggan, The Castle, Two-Mile-Borris; Willie Bowe, Leigh.

Friday 17th March at 10.00am: Tommy, Peg and Mikey Hayes, Clover.

Next Sunday 19th March at 10.30am: Deceased members of the Connolly family.